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It’s a place where people tell you the truth. Come Home to Grace Fellowship this Sunday.

What to expect on Sunday

Sound, Biblical Teaching

Sound, Biblical Teaching

We believe in the authority of the Bible. All of our teaching and preaching is focused on integrating the truth of God’s Word into our daily lives.
Contemporary Worship Music

Contemporary Worship Music

There are great new worship songs being written every day—some of them by our very own worship leaders! In the musical portion of our service you’ll hear not only some of the great hymns of our heritage, but many new and wonderful songs of praise and worship to God.
Engaging Children's Programs

Engaging Children's Programs

In Kids’ Celebration (KC), your child will benefit from music, teaching, and activities that are geared just for them. Our teachers and helpers are passionate about helping kids develop a life-long personal relationship with Jesus. Every week, we work to offer a safe, secure, and loving environment for your child.

Our Current Teaching Series

Visit our Sermon Archives page to catch up on this series. You can also download a list of the books Pastor Rex has used to prepare his “Revelation” sermons.

Visit one of our four locations in the Capital Region.


Grace Latham is the original and largest Grace Fellowship congregation. At Latham, there are literally hundreds of places to get “plugged-in” to church life. Join a Bible study, help with a service project, or take a class. We do our best to make a big congregation feel a little bit smaller.

Grace Fellowship Latham
20 Delatour Road, Watervliet, NY


Our Halfmoon congregation is constantly opening new doors in ministry. Whether it’s creative elements in the Sunday service, or bold and exciting mid-week classes, there’s always something interesting going on at Grace Halfmoon.

Grace Fellowship Halfmoon
1 Enterprise Avenue, Halfmoon, NY

East Greenbush

Grace Greenbush provides the smallest and most intimate setting of any of our locations. If the idea of a smaller, cozier congregation appeals to you, spend some time with our Grace Greenbush family. We’ll make you feel right at home.

Grace Fellowship Greenbush
73 Troy Road, Suite 1A, East Greenbush, NY


Grace Saratoga is the newest of our four locations, but we’re growing up fast. There’s a vibe of humility and joy that always seems to be in the air when our Saratoga congregation comes together. Whether we’re singing in worship or serving in the community, there’s no denying that God is at work through His church in Saratoga.

Grace Fellowship Saratoga
165 High Rock Avenue, Saratoga Springs, NY


Sometimes it’s nice to get a few questions answered BEFORE you show up on Sunday morning. Here’s a list of some of the questions we get asked the most by newcomers.

What should I wear?
After you sit down at Grace, take a look down your aisle. You’ll see folks dressed in ties and skirts sitting next to people in shorts and tank tops. There’s no formal dress code—no need to dress to impress. Feel free to wear the clothes you feel appropriate for a worship service.
Do I need to get there early?
If you have young children, and you’d like to drop them off in our Kids’ Celebration (KC) area for the service, we suggest that you plan to arrive 10-15 minutes early to get through that process smoothly.
If you don’t need to stop in KC, there’s no need to plan to arrive early, although you’re more than welcome to get there ahead of time and check things out.
How long do services last?
On average, our services are just over an hour long. The sermon portion lasts about 35 minutes with congregational worship music before and after.
Will I be asked to give money?
In each of our services, we receive an offering. This gives people who call Grace Fellowship their home church a chance to give back to God from the blessings He’s given them. While you’re certainly welcome to give, this element in our service is intended more for our “regulars” and members. There’s never any pressure to give. Your presence is a gift in itself!
Can I stay for more than one service?
This is an easy one. Sure you can!

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Grace in Action

If Grace is already your home church and you’re looking for a way to serve in the community, look no further! Sign up for a project with Grace in Action.
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